Take Action!

Take Action to Reduce Methane Gas Pollution in Your Home & Community

Accelerating a phase-out of fossil fuels—particularly methane—in homes and buildings will require a combination of personal and policy action. Below are steps you can take to reduce your own fossil fuel consumption and advocate for necessary policy changes.



Switch to all-electric heating and appliances

Make a plan to go electric with these resources.

  • Use this portal to find the many local incentives & rebates to help offset the costs of installation.
  • Sign up here to be matched with an Electric Home Ambassador who can answer your questions – or become one.


Push For Policy Change

Your local leaders, including city council members, county supervisors, and state and federal legislators, want to hear from their constituents about the policies that matter to them.

  • Call on your representatives to make or support policies that phase out methane in existing buildings and ensure new construction is all-electric.
  • Sign this petition to support a rapid and full transition from methane gas to all-electric homes and buildings.


Engage With Local Government

City council meetings, town halls, and other public forums hosted by local leaders are meant to give the community a voice in the policy-making process and are a great way to get your leaders’ attention.
  • Keep an eye on the agendas for relevant topics — including Reach Codes, Climate Actions Plans, and electrification support programs.
  • Submit comments and join meetings to show your support.