Outreach Plans

Significant outreach will be required to city elected officials and staff, developers, design firms, community members, and other interested stakeholders. A number of resources will be developed to support the policy goals. To date, Redwood Energy has produced a guide for all electric new commercial construction aimed at assisting large new developments in Silicon Valley to build without gas and save money. A similar Multi-Family Guide is under development. The Campaign plans to:

  • Work with partner groups listed below to advocate for fossil free building policies with City Councils, Planning Commissions, Developers, Permitting staff, and Green Building Stakeholders.
  • Meet with key stakeholders to follow up and offer free consulting for zero carbon projects (through an updated contract with Redwood Energy).
  • Host Public & Stakeholder Workshops to promote electrification.
  • Work with interested partners, such as Redwood Energy, the New Building Institute, the Association for Energy Affordability, and the CA Building Decarbonization Coalition to produce additional resources as needed.
  • Utilize the CA Building Decarbonization Coalition to promote Zero Carbon Building Guides and policies beyond Silicon Valley.
  • Engage with partners in additional media outreach such as blogs, OpEds, and letters to the editor.